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Now PromoOcodes.com provides you with Share your New Idea and information through your own website, where you can contribute your Guest Post with write for us, Your idea must be related to our website. If you want to become a regular article author on our website just follow our further given guidelines. We are Accepting All different types of Category or Niche, Here you can get a Natural link which will help you to increase internet reputation and help you to top ranking on the search engine result page.

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Read Guidelines Before Submitting

Content Must be 100% Original and Unique haven’t used anywhere else.

  • Article length should be a minimum 700 words (Ideal +1000)
  • Write an original and grammatical errors free article
  • The article should be fresh and unique
  • If Further, we find your article copy paste from other blogs and sites we will remove your content from our website
  • Your article must have two images, each size maximum 35Kb
  • We Can take 2 Business days For review and Publish your Article
  • After publishing your content we will send your live link by mail
  • If you are sharing your content and it contains links then we are authorized to remove it. Because if we don’t find relevant then we will remove it.
  • If you will post the sponsored guest post then the link you will put will have validity for 1 year. After a year we will review your website again and will get the validation from you. Note:- No extra charges you have to pay for it after one year

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Where you can add your links to the article?

We are allowing two places where you can put your link in your specific keyword. There are numerous conditions on the basis we will provide you the link.

  • Content Body: You can use your content body part for your link and which must be related to the article topic which you want to post.
  • Author Profiles: This is another part where you can get your link for your website and social media source.

How to Contribute as Guest Author at Promoocodes.com

If you agree with our guidelines then you can send your request through our email writeforpromocodes@gmail.com, and we will contact you shortly.