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About Heeta

Heeta is a Chinese brand that deals with some of those products that people use in their daily routine. The brand deals in top-quality products and the best service in return. The wide range of Heeta products has more than thousands of customers from around the world.

The hair massager of Heeta seems to be simple but has many hidden benefits. The relaxing head massager eases itchiness and promotes blood circulation. There are more products like this that help in some different ways. By using our Heeta Discount Code you can get a great discount on it.

Heeta Products

The products of the company are top in quality and here’s a list of those products that Heeta deals in.

Products Of Heeta

  • Heeta Hair Scalp Massager
  • Waterproof Dry Bags
  • Waterproof Pouch
  • Water Sports Shoes
  • Essential Oil Gift Sets
  • Body Brushes
  • Baby Products
  • Other Products
Hair Brushes | Heeta Promo Code

Heeta deals in hair scalp massagers or you can say shampoo brushes by which you can take care of your scalp. The soft silicone soft massager lets you do the massage easily without any trouble.

Features of Heeta Hair Brushes


  • Soft silicone brushes
  • Waterproof
  • Good for hair styling
  • Promotes blood circulation level
  • Easy to fit in the palm
  • Lightweight

These are some features of the scalp massager of Heeta. You can choose between black, green, purple, and rose pink colors. By using Heeta Coupon Code you can get a huge discount on hairbrushes.

Waterproof Dry Bags | Heeta Discount Code

Heeta also provides waterproof bags that are very helpful to keep your insiders safe from water. The bags are for both men and women with around 8 different color options. There are 5 sizes available from 5L to 40L, depending on the necessity one can choose accordingly.

Features of Heeta Waterproof Dry Bag


  • Fully waterproof
  • 6 mm double-thick bottom
  • 15 mm super-wide seal
  • Woven nylon band that never breaks off
  • Double-side ultra-thin PVC
  • Fully transparent
  • Vacuum seal
  • Included phone cases
  • Best in rafting, boating, swimming, and rainy days.

These are some of the features you will get to enjoy with this bag. To enjoy the discount you can use Heeta Promo Code.

Waterproof Pouch | Heeta Coupon code

Heeta waterproof pouch is a screen touch-sensitive bag that lets you store the items inside the bag keeping them safe from water. Some of the features of the pouch are as follows.

Features of Heeta Waterproof Pouch


  • 100% waterproof
  • 3 zipper lock
  • IPX8 lab certified
  • Protects the items from water, dirt, dust, mud, and from water activities.
  • The adjustable waist strap (33.5 – 47”)
  • Easy to use a mobile phone from the pouch
  • Shrink-proof and floatable

These are some of the features you will get in these pouches. By using the Heeta discount code you can get a great discount on it.

Water Sports Shoes | Heeta Coupon Code

The non-slip base of the sports shoes and socks by Heeta are for both men & women. These work as sports socks for swimming beach, diving, surfing, and other water-related activities.

Features of Heeta Water Sports Shoes


  • Non-slip base
  • Thick rubber sole
  • Super breathable with more than 10 holes
  • Ultra-light and easy to carry
  • High-quality and stretchable

You will get many color options with these sports socks. By using our Heeta Promo Code you can save maximum on your purchase.

Essential Oil Gift Sets | Heeta Discount Vouches

The essential oil necklace gift set is a set of 4 Aroma essential oils of different fragrances. Just place the pad by using some drops of the essential oils by opening the container of the necklace to enjoy the aromatherapy.

Features of Heeta Essentail Oils Gift sets


  • Washable pads
  • 100% certified pure oils
  • Safe even if touched by skin
  • 6” long chain 304 stainless steel
  • Up to 24 hrs. long-lasting fragrance

The company also provides an essential oil bracelet gift set. You can apply for the Heeta promo code to get a discount on it.

Body Brushes | Heeta Coupon Code

Heeta has different types of body brushes for different types of needs. The types of body brushers by Heeta are,

  1. Long Handle Solid
  2. Wet & Dry Brushing Silicone Bath Brush
  3. Round Handle Solid Wood Boar Bristle Brush
  4. Bath sponges

Features of Heeta Body Brushes


Long Handle Body BrushSilicone Bath BrushRound Handle Solid Wood Bristle BrushBath Sponges
  • Soft nylon brushes
  • 2 brushes, up and down
  • Dry & wet use
  • Nonslip rubber grip
  • Easy to store
  • Silicon soft brushes
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to disinfect in boiling water
  • Helps in removing makeup, exfoliating, dead skin
  • Easy to get a massage
  • Natural boar bristles, silicon massage nodes
  • Helps in removing the dead skin cells.
  • Can be used on legs, arms, face, and on the whole body


  • Made from soft and skin-friendly bamboo charcoal
  • Produce dense foam easily
  • Easy to handle with included hook

These are the features that you will get with Heeta bath brushes. By using Heeta Discount Voucher Code you can save maximum on your purchase.

Other Products By Heeta

Heeta deals in some of the other products that are mentioned below,

  • Heeta fish scale with backlit LCD Display
  • Heeta 2-pack scalp massager, 20 finger scratchers for deep relaxation
  • Heeta Foot Massager
  • Heeta Cosmetic Bag likes dry shampoo for colored hair, creams, or more.
  • Heeta Massage Baal Manual Roller Massager

These are some of the other miscellaneous products that the company deals in. By using Heeta Discount Code you can get a heavy discount on these.

How To Apply For Heeta Coupon Code

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To apply for the discount on the products of Heeta you need to follow the steps carefully described below:

  1. Click on Heeta deals from this page that you may have already seen.
  2. After your browser is redirected to the Heeta store, select the product that you want.
  3. During the payment, just apply Heeta Promo Code to enjoy the saving.
  4. Congratulation you have saved the maximum on your purchase.

Is Heeta Body Brush Safe To Use?

Heeta deals in different types of body brushes that are soft and safe to use. The silicon soft brushes help to clean easily, remove dead skin, and also improve the blood circulation level.

Is Heeta hair scalp massager any good?

The soft silicone brushes help to increase the blood circulation level of the head and ease the itchiness. The easy to fit in palm brush helps in making the hairstyle easily. And Heeta hair scalp massager reviews have a great volume of customers from around the world.