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Up to 40% Off Blistex Lip Care Products

Up to 40% Off Blistex Lip Care Products

With the deals & offers listed on this page, you can buy Blistex products up to 40% off. The latest Blistex promo code, deals will apply to all Blistex items. So here you can save dollars on buying lip balm, Lip ointment, moisturizers.

Blistex Items

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Blistex Lip Care ItemsIngredients
DCTcombination of moisturizers & vitamin E
Hemp & Acai Renewal™combine Hemp seed oil & Acai extract
Soft & Lushfor softens and conditions your lips
Simple & Sensitivehydrated with cocoa butter & shea butter
Lip Infusions™ Revivewith Ginseng & Chia seed extracts
Lip Infusions™ Soothewith Cucumber oil & Calendula extracts
Lip Infusions™ Hydratewith plant-sourced Squalene & Hibiscus extract
Fruit SmoothiesWith fruit flavors & vitamins
Five Star Lip ProtectionWith panthenol, candelilla, wheat germ oil, calendula oil, BROAD spectrum SPF30
Deep RenewalIngredients –coenzyme Q-10, vitamin & anti-oxidant complex, BROAD spectrum SPF 15, Hyaluronic filling spheres
Complete MoistureFor moisturizing lips – with penetration moisturizers & contains moisture
Enhancement SeriesIt includes product – petal-soft, silk & shine, deep renewal, moisture revitalizer, soft & lush, conditioning lip serum, lip vibrance
Satin NectarFor hydrating lips with fruit extracts & vitamin E
Petal Soft™With orange blossom & peony extracts
Medicated Mint Lip BalmFor dry and chapped lips
Medicated Lip BalmTo soothe and prevent dry lips
Medicated Berry Lip BalmTo soothe and prevent dry lips
Medicated Lip OintmentHelps heal severe dryness & relieve cold sores
Lip VibranceWith shea butter, grapeseed oil, vitamin E
Lip SerumWith nutrient-rich oils & vitamin E
Lip MedexMedicated ingredients to relieve sore lips
Reindeer Holiday CollectionIt is a pack of three flavors – Raspberry Rudolph, Caramel Comet, Blueberry Blitzen
Classic Holiday CollectionIt is a pack of three flavors – Peppermint Joy, Sugar Plum Dream, Merry Berry
Hemp & Shea Hydration™With hemp seed oil and shea butter
Orange Mango BlastWith orange & mango flavors to moisture lips
Raspberry Lemonade BlastLemonade & raspberry flavors
Silk & ShineInfused with vitamins B5 & E
Moisture RevitalizerWith vitamin F, ceramide, Hyaluronic spheres

People Asked Questions related to Blistex

  1. Where to buy Blistex product?

You can buy Blistex products from Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores.

  1. Which Blistex is best?

Blistex’s medicated lip balm, silk & shine, moisturizers, and above listed products are best.

  1. Is medicated Blistex addicted?

No, there is no physical addiction to using medicated Blistex. People use it only for soothing their lips therefore they become habitual for using this.

  1. Is Blistex good for your lips?

Yes, Blistex is good for your lips. You can use Blistex ointment, lip balm to prevent chapped and dry lips.

  1. Is it ok to use Blistex every day?

You can use Blistex lip balm every day to soften your lips.

  1. Is Blistex medicated lip ointment good?

The Blistex medicated lip ointment is effective and clinically proven to get relieved from severe dryness.

  1. How to use Blistex medicated lip ointment?

You should not apply this ointment more than 3 to 4 times. You only on your affected areas, children under age 2 years must consult a doctor.

Blistex Lip Balm Coupons & Promo Code

Blistex Lip Balm Coupons

Blistex lip balm coupons are available on all types of Blistex lip balms. You can buy Shea butter, cocoa butter, fruit flavors. Or a lip balm set with 3 lip balms or lip balm set with 2 lip balms. Through coupons, deals, and offers you can buy lip balm at a low price.