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About Tuft and Needle

JT Marino one of the founders got married back then and went out shopping with his wife to buy the first furniture for his house. Their first stop was a mattress shop.  The search began at local mattress showrooms; vast fields of mattresses neatly layout under the buzz of fluorescent lights. Pushy salesmen pushed them to buy a fully loaded, feature-rich memory foam mattress. For $3,500 it should have been the pinnacle of comfort, but it wasn’t. To make matters worse, the return policy rendered it impossible to return. It was like car shopping. Actually, it was worse than car shopping.

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The next day at work JT shared the whole incident to Deahee (the other founder of the company). So, after that, their journey began two software engineers from Silicon Valley who were fed up with the lack of transparency and fairness in the mattress industry.

The company was found in 2012 by these two inspiring people. Tuft and Needle headquarters are in Phoenix, Amazon and their mattress is available in all over the USA. It doesn’t work just for its own benefits but Tuft and Needle is a company that believes in philanthropic ideology.

Why Choose Tuft and Needle Mattress?

  • Durability- Tuft and Needle’s mattress is made with adaptive foam that reacts well with sleepers, no matter the shape, size, and weight. The foam conforms to the sleeper’s body to provide customized comfort, and as more pressure is applied, the mattress reacts and provides even more support.
  • Reputation- the customer has shared positive comments about the company customer service, online system, shipping service, and installation/setup. In addition Tuft and Needle have been featured by a number of great publications.
  • Motion Isolation- these mattresses perform well in absorbing motion, which are important features for sleepers who change position or sleep with a partner.
  • Price- because of its high-level durability, tuft, and needle’s mattress is a value to some more expansive foam mattress model. The price of a tuft and needle mattress is an advantage. In fact, they regularly come out with amazing offers such as Tuft and Needle $100 off and Tuft and Needle 20% off
  • Tuft and needle honest market approach is appreciated by everyone. One such platform that appreciates Tuft and Needle is Amazon. Tuft and Needle Amazon Sale is one such hot topic in the market.
  • Amazon customers themselves appreciate the products of Tuft and Needle. The reviews by the customers are the plus point that attracts people to buy their product. Tuft and Needle Promo Code makes its product the best-selling product on AMAZON.

What You Can Buy From Tuft and Needle Products

Tuft and Needle product and their variant:-

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Here they categorize the mattresses into two-part

T&N Mattresses and Mint Mattresses

T&T Mattresses: mattresses that made with heed and care that keeps your slumber most convenient and relaxed. Features that include Pressure Relief, Support,  Cool Sleeping, and principally built with the purpose to give comfortable sleep. Some featured mattresses like Tuft And Needle Queen Mattress.

Pressure relief: Tuft And Needle mattresses made with Adaptive Foam that make you feel enjoyable and snug whenever you are on it. Formation and design of mattresses have built-in that way which would give you the great pressure relief without feeling too pulpy or soft.

Support: having a support layer that is mainly built to provide you with full night Sleep. Support to mattresses plays an important role for a comfortable full night sleep because a mattress without support may only give comfortable sleep for a few hours. So T&N made it with a support layer that gives you the ideal base for the full night sleep.

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Cool sleeping: material that has been used to keep mattresses cool. Heat wicking graphite and the cooling gel has been used in Tuft And Needle Mattress and the cover that vastly breathable to keep you cool.

Mint Mattresses: here you will know that why Mint Mattresses differs from T&N Mattresses and what are the features of Mint Mattresses.

Amazing Breathability: the comfiest top layer, progressive support and 30% extra graphite have been used that maximizes cooling and sweeps 50% more heat away from body heat. that makes it different from the T&N mattress.

Unbeatable Support: A cozy cover, knit, and thick covers that add durability and coziest higher quality gel, more gel beads in their second.

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Remarkable Comfort: pressure relief, open-cell technology, and more edge support that makes it the comfiest mattress.


Here some featured products such as Pillow, Protector, TopperJersey Sheets, Percale Sheets, Percale Duvet Cover, Down Alternative Duvet, and Down Duvet.  All these products people can find easily at amazon.com with its less price by using Tuft And Needle Coupons.


Here are some features of Pouch, Frame, Box Foundation, Metal Base.

Pouch: that made with Locking Zipper, soft quilted cover, supportive foam that is supportive enough for a comfortable afternoon.

Frame: wooden frames that will be designed according to your need and comfort with durability. And thoughtfully designed for your everyday needs at an honest price. Find the best Tuft And Needle Coupons for all above of products and valid on amazon.com.

Return Policy and warranty

Tuft and needle offer 10 years of warranty for their products. It also offers a 100-night sleep trial and also if you don’t like the product you get a full refund for your money. Thus, this is why it is one of the unique companies with s amazing reviews, products, and perks.

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Tuft and needle are one of the most awaited sales by people who are looking to buy mattresses at a decent price. We provide all types of Tuft and Needle Coupons Code and promo codes. For a time being tuft and needle has stopped providing regular promo codes, but we always keep an eye on new tuft and needle amazon deals. We regularly Update the Tuft And Needle Coupons Code to let you have more discounts on your purchase.

Apart from providing you Coupons For Tuft And Needle Mattress and Tuft And Needle Promo Code. The company introducing you to their best work at Tuft And Needle Pillow, Bedding Furniture, and Tuft And Needle Mattresses that specially made with love and care. Here we’ll make you familiar with the features of T&N Products.  And also we are devoted to making it easy and simple buying to you with the help of Discount Coupons For Tuft And Needle.

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Tuft and needle have such amazing products, deals, and offers which you actually cannot miss. And tying up Amazon you can avail yourself more offers.  There are steal deals you cannot even miss. You can use these Tuft and needle Coupons codes and Tuft & Needle Promo Code 2022 to avail amazing offers.

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