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Vimeo Benchmarks Timeline:

2004: the birth of the online video sharing platform “Vimeo”.

2007:  Vimeo is the first website to support High Definition playback for all consumers.

2013:  Vimeo enables creators to sell video directly.

2015: Vimeo went to court to support net neutrality.

2016: Vimeo supports 4k video playback.

How to use Vimeo Promo Code 2023?

We at PromoOcodes always update Vimeo Coupon Codes so that you can save when you register for as a content creator on Vimeo. We also offer Vimeo Plus Discount Codes so that you can maximize your saving when you sign up for a plus account.

Vimeo Membership Coupons:

Vimeo Pro Discount Codes: Vimeo offers pro membership which offers uploads of up to 20GB/week. Pro account also offers other features like multi-user account(up to 3), video engagement graphs, and unlimited portfolios, etc. We update Vimeo Promo Codes on our page from time to time. Vimeo pro pack starts at $20/month. They also offer 30-day risk-free trial for the user on Vimeo Pro.

Vimeo Business Discount Codes:

Vimeo Business Offers additional features compared to pro membership such as unlimited storage up to 5TB/week, multi-user account up to 10 users and host of other features which are not available in the pro pack.

Vimeo Special Offers for Students: It seems Vimeo offers as much as 50% off to students on annual Vimeo Plus or Pro Membership. For that students have to register with their email I/D on Vimeo Student Discount Page

Vimeo Video On Demand:

Vimeo Provides the user with an opportunity to sell videos directly to consumers. It offers up to 90%  of the income (after removing transaction fees) to the owner. This model which supports content creators has received wide appreciation from Filmmakers, Amateur Video Content producers, photographers, basically from everyone who creates video content.

Vimeo allows users to set price for their videos along with much other additional support required for creators. Viewers can either rent or buy a title to watch it later whenever they want to.

Vimeo Community Guidelines :

  • Be cool and stay nice.
  • Don’t Spam
  • Don’t be a creep

Any violation of community guidelines leads to the ban of the user account.

Vimeo Video Guidelines:

There are several video guidelines by Vimeo to be followed when uploading videos. They are to maintain the high-quality standard of the website. They are as follows:

  • Videos have to be original & you must be the owner
  • You cannot upload explicit, harassment, sexual, and copyrighted content.
  • Videos that depicts violence and cruelty towards animals or humans cannot be uploaded

The Vimeo Blog:

Vimeo has its own blog where you can find a plethora of useful content, videos, news and information on various topics related to or useful for content creators. Vimeo tries to explore and enhance creativity where ever it is possible and Vimeo Blog is one such place. Vimeo blog provides much more than tips and trick for making good videos. It is a place

Vimeo Staff Picks:

Vimeo staff picks as the name suggests are hand-picked videos selected by Vimeo Staff. Vimeo picks are videos with very high-quality content often having a story format. These are also naturally among the most popular and watched Vimeo videos.

Vimeo is an online video sharing service launched in the year 2014, by a group of filmmakers who wanted and an easy and simple way to share videos with their friends. Vimeo Coupons further attracted more people to this platform. Vimeo has since thrived in an online video sharing space which was and is still dominated by Youtube. Vimeo differentiated itself by following a different approach from Youtube.

Vimeo made a name and space for itself in this crowded video sharing platform which is an achievement in itself. Vimeo was supported by content creators worldwide giving it a chance to grow. Today Vimeo has 50 million content creators registered on its platform.

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