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About Sweet Maria’s

Ohio based company started in 1997 to bring the best coffee and green tea in the market. At that time there were not even fine options were available. Thompson the who started the company was in the search for green coffee to roast at home. The roller coaster ride takes the company to Emeryville, CA in 2002. The retail offline shop starts receiving so much love that Tom needed to start the online website to provide the online service to everyone. At online they started offering some deal with the use of Sweet Maria’s Coupon Code.

About Sweet Maria's

Products Avail by Sweet Maria’s

The products are available by Sweet Maria’s is especially for Coffee lovers. They bring different types of coffee including green coffee from different countries. Isn’t it great that you can get coffee almost from every country? Let’s take a look at what more you can purchase with Sweet Maria’s Promo Code.

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  • Coffee – Sweet Maria’s Coffee available from a few origins. If you are a coffee lover then you will love to buy coffee from South America, Central America, Africa, Indonesia, Asia & Arabia. You will be able to get raw coffee to let you enjoy the taste of the original coffee. Why not try once while saving bucks with Sweet Maria’s Coupon.
  • Roasting – The company comes up with the different types of roaster which helps you to roast the raw coffee and sip the delicious one. The types of roasting products Sweet Maria’s offers are Air Roaster, Drum Roaster, StoverTop Roaster, and Roaster accessories. You can save up to 30% over these products with the use of Sweet Maria’s Discount Coupon.
  • Brewing – This category has several products besides of brewer that could get in use for your daily coffee sip. You can buy coffee drinkware, Espresso, Grinders, and other accessories. Enjoy your coffee every day, and don’t forget to use Sweet Maria’s Discount Code.

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