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Once you place order activating STD check promo code & coupon code, you will be able to visit any of their nationwide testing centers without an appointment. STDcheck is transforming the way STD testing is done. You can even visit for testing the same day of your purchase. It provides fast, convenient, and easy to screen yourself for STDs. On top of that STD testing is secure and private.

Fast, Private & Affordable STD Testing

  • 100% Confidential STD Testing
  • 5 Minute Testing with Results in 1 to 2 days
  • All Tests are FDA-Approved/Cleared
  • Same-Day STD Testing Available
  • Over 4,500 Testing Centers Nationwide
Make your STD Testing Affordable

There are numerous coupon sites that promise great savings but barely deliver. But you’ll not have to face such issues until you are with the We help you get the best-discounted price for STD testing with provided STDcheck coupon code that works. Apply the coupon code for STD check and take the worry out of your sexual health with safe, convenient, and affordable STD testing.

Types of Available STD Testing

Types of STD testing

STDcheck provides many different testing such as:

  • Chlamydia Test
  • Gonorrhea Test
  • Oral Herpes Test
  • Genital Herpes Test
  • Syphilis Test
  • Hepatitis A Test
  • Hepatitis B Test
  • Hepatitis C Test
  • HIV 1&2 Antibody (4th Gen) Test
  • HIV RNA Early Detection Test

How STDcheck works?

The STDcheck testing process is simple and as follows:

How STD Check Works

Step 1 – Order Your STD test

Visit to the and select the test you want. You can choose an individual test or order for test packages. All the tests are FDA-approved.

Step 2 – Choose a Nearby Test Center

Enter your zip code or allow the website to find your location via GPS. Then the page will show you a list of all the nearest testing centers. Choose the center that is suitable for you.

Now, fill up all mandatory boxes such as name, gender, date of birth, etc., along with your preferred payment method to place an order.

After placing an order for a test you will be given a personal test code to write down.

Step 3 – Visit Test Center

You can visit the testing center on the same day of your purchase. There is no need for an appointment. Mostly lab centers are open during normal business hours. You should take the unique personal test code to show in the lab. The entire tests only take a few minutes, usually around 5 minutes.

Step 4 – Get Your Result

Once your testing is done, STDcheck sends your result within 1-2 working days. Most users get their results back in less than 24 hours.

You see it’s that so simple. Get your fast, private STD testing for better results of your health. Use the STDcheck discount code to reduce the cost of your testing.

Benefits of STD Testing and STDcheck Coupon Code

You never know what infection you receive while having sex. Because of unawareness, you could get in serious trouble. It is better to take charge of your sex life today. You can help stop the spread of STDs by knowing your status.

 The benefits of STD Testing and STDcheck coupon code are as follows:

Private STD Testing

The results which show up after STD testing will not be reported to your insurance company and also will not be placed on your permanent medical reports.

Quick & Discreet

The testing takes just a few minutes for the whole process. Above all, no questions are asked to the patient and no paperwork is required. You just need to provide urine or blood sample and you are done.

10 Test Panel Advantages

STDcheck offers the most comprehensive tests. Their 10-Test Panel tests for all major STDs and gives you the best result. It is the only company that offers the hepatitis A test in their panel.

Doctor Consultation Available

If your result appears to be positive, you can speak to one of the STDcheck doctors for suggestions. Doctors give you prescribe treatment or refers you to a specialist.

 Fast STD Test Result

It takes only up to 1-2 working days for your result to come after you visit a testing center. The results may receive through email or text.

100% Satisfaction

With STDcheck you get the best experience without any embarrassment or hassle. Their Care Advisor will be always available 24×7 for you to help or to answer your questions.

Reason to Choose for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Reason to Choose STD Check

Complete Confidentiality: The company takes care of your confidentiality and gives first priority to it. When you test with, you’ll receive confidential STD testing and even your information remains secure. From the ordering process to your visit to the testing center, they are guided by HIPAA privacy laws, the federal mandates that protect your health information.

Convenient Testing Location and Hours: Because the company has over 4,500 test centers nationwide, you can reach nearby for STDs testing. You can use their locator tool to find your nearest testing center.

Affordable Pricing: STDcheck test pricing is comparatively lower than what you’d pay in the hospital or clinic. You can even use the STDcheck coupon code or promo code to get a reasonable discount on STD testing.

FDA-Approved/ Cleared Tests: All tests they offer are approved/ cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They claim to be the only service that offers an FDA-approved HIV RNA Early Detection Test.

CLIA-Certified Labs: All of the STDcheck testing locations meet and exceed Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) standards, which govern all clinical lab testing performed in the United States. This ensures the accuracy of your results.

Multiple Payment Options: They accept multiple forms of payment, including major credit cards, pre-paid debit cards, cashiers checks, money orders, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs), PayPal, and Cryptocurrency. To protect your privacy, they do not accept health insurance.

HIV RNA Testing – STDcheck early detection HIV test is based on RNA methodology and is the only FDA-approved HIV RNA test on the market. RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) HIV testing is a newer and faster method designed to detect the presence of HIV in the blood. They are the only testing service that uses this new method.

So these were some of the reasons that force you to choose for your STD testing. Make sure to apply the STDcheck coupons for better results and discount.

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STD Check coupon code

We probably do not have to describe this, but really sex is pretty good. It not just only fulfills our carnal desire, but also has significant science-backed health benefits. However, you never know what infections are carried out by the people. So it’s better to test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) before it becomes too late for medicals. Therefore, use the STDcheck coupon code for STD testing and give complete peace of mind. is 100% secure and private. The STD test they offer are FDA-approved/ cleared and the testing centers are CLIA-certified.