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About The Company

ILife company name is the combination of the letter “I” and the word “Life”, which reflects a better life. ILife has its first R&D centers in Hong Kong and China in 2010 and also has a large-scale industry in Shenzhen and Zhongshan. Now, this brand also sells its robot cleaners to Asia, Europe, America, and Russia. The company aims to work hard and make you smile and with this aim, they are providing amazing products to their customers. You can simplify your life with ILife technological products. In 2015 the ILife developed its Integrated vacuuming & mopping robot and introduced it to the Chinese market. Later in 2016, this company’s products become the best seller on amazon.com. ILife launched the ILife A9S, which was the first ILife robotic vacuum cleaner with a cellular dustbin.

What Does The ILife Brings To You?

ILife has a wide range of home cleaning products that are very useful. Some of the best ILife products are listed below.

ILife Products

  • ILife V5s Pro: ILife V5s Pro is a 2 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner which has a powerful suction in vacuum mode. It has an enhanced motor that can easily collect debris, dust, and dirt. The v5s pro is a great device, especially for pet owners. You can check the ILife robot vacuum review.
  • ILife V3S Pro: ILife robot vacuum V3s vacuum cleaner comes with a tangle-free pet hair cair technology that focuses on picking up dirt and hairs. It has a self-charging and programming schedule feature which is very useful.
  • ILife V8S Pro: ILife V8S Pro is a special vacuum cleaner that comes with a Gen3 CyclonePower system and provides powerful suction. It also includes a mopping system with an intelligent water tank. V8S also has a 750ml dustbin which can clean larger spaces.
  • ILife A9: ILife A9 robot vacuum has the special feature of a Wifi connected cellular dustbin. It has a strong pano view navigation which increases efficiency and also avoids the missing areas. You can easily provide operation from your phone.

What Is The Warranty Period Of ILife Products?

ILife company offers a limited warranty of 12-months to all its customers. You can easily apply for the warranty from the official site of Iliferobots.com in case you are facing any issues. The company takes a maximum of 5 business days to repair your product. In case your device is out of warranty then the company engineer will verify your product and send you a repair quotation.

How Much Does ILife Products Cost?

Cost Of ILife Products

Each ILife products have different pricing and if you buy from any other store then If your planning to buy ILife V5S Pro it will cost you $159. The ILife V3S Pro will also cost $159 and the price of the ILife V8S is $219. You can use ILife Discount Code to get a massive discount on your every purchase. This deal is a money-saving deal and is valid for a limited period. So grab this amazing deal now and save your extra bucks. You can also check offers on amazon.com and get Discount Codes from our site PromoOcodes.com

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ILife Promo Code

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How To Use iLife Coupon Code and Discount Deals?

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