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What Is Clip Studio Paint?

CSP is a universal digital drawing package available for those beginners who are just started their drawing or illustration passion as a career. The software provides a complete professional look to your project or artwork.

Initially, Clip Studio Paint was released in Japan known as “Comic Studio” in 2001. Later on, it was marketed by E Frontier as “Manga Studio” which was also very popular in the digital art industry.

The CSP comes in two versions Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex where CSP Ex contains all features for a professional user and the pro version includes only basic features for beginners.

Where to Get Clip Studio Discount Code 2023?

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When Does Clip Studio Paint Go on Sale in 2023?

Clip Studio Paint usually goes on sale every 3-4 months. The most popular sale of CSP is Clip Studio Paint Seasonal Sale. You will find exclusive Clip Studio Paint coupons on Summer Sales, Winter Sales, or end-of-the-season sales. Through these CSP discount codes, you will get savings of up to 50% on the Pro and Ex Version.

How to Find Clip Studio Paint Discount Deals 2023?

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Save Huge Amount On Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023

50% Clip Studio Paint Sale savings

With the increasing demand for this professional digital art and painting software, the company provides more offers and deals. Using the Clip Studio Paint Discount code you can make great savings on both subscription plans.

Both versions offer bundles of advanced tools and features to their customers. If you are working on projects like comic books or any animation series then you should definitely go for this software.

Can I Apply Two Clip Studio Paint Coupons at a time?

No, You are not allowed to use two Clip Studio Paint discount codes at a time to save maximum bucks. You can apply the huge saving deal or seasonal sale CSP coupon to save maximum. But not allowed to use two coupons at a time.

How to Get Clip Studio Paint Next Sale?

Every 3-4 months company offers an exclusive discount and announces a huge sale to save the maximum. In every new season of summer, spring, and winter you will get up to 50% Off.

How Do You Get Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex Upgrade Discount?

If you are already using the Clip Studio Paint Pro version then you can upgrade to the Ex version by using Clip Studio Paint Upgrade Coupon Code. You can make savings of up to 30% with this CSP discount code.

How to use Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code 2023?

If you want to buy Clip Studio paint then you have an amazing chance to save a maximum of dollars. Easily follow the above-mentioned deal according to the steps below:-

  • Click on the above valid Clip Studio Paint Deals
  • You will redirect to the official website, Then click on the buy button
  • The next step is to fill in the required information and select the payment mode and click on the “Buy Now” Button.

Does Clip Studio Paint offer Monthly & Annual Subscriptions?

Yes, Clip Studio Paint provides monthly and annual plans to users to use its services according to their needs.

Is Clip Studio Paint Good For Beginners?

Talking about this software for beginners, then we should say yes this is one of the great software for all newcomers. Clip Studio Paint has amazing features and tools for all kinds of digital painting and illustrations that one can do all such editing without taking any external support from third-party sites.

Clip Studio Paint Key Features

Clip Studio Paint Features

Being one of the best digital drawings and painting software, Clip Studio Paint uplifts great features and advanced tool kits with huge vector designs.

Clip Studio Paint Features are:

Modern Concept Art & Painting: Wide range of brushes and tools are available to bring your concepts and ideas into a professional masterpiece using Clip Paint Studio concept art.

Illustration For Designs: The software is designed specifically to polish hand drawing and seamlessly integrate it into your designs using Clip studio paint’s dedicated drawing tools and functions.

Manga & Comic Art: With all the advanced and professional tools to create comic or manga drawing smoothly with huge effects and styles.

Advanced Animation: Clip studio paint allows you to create animations on multiple frames and direct the clip on your own.

Character Art: The Clip studio paint provides a wide range of filters and multi-layer effects with high resolution.

You can explore many additional features and tools on the subscription of Pro and Ex versions using a Clip Studio Paint discount 2023 code. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a professional-style project that can lead your career to a great level.

Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex Difference

Difference between Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex Version

Before purchasing any of the two versions you should know what’s the difference between clip studio paint pro and ex.

Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex

Both versions are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Clip Studio Paint Pro:

Best for Concept Art, Illustrations, and Character Art.


  • Free trial available
  • Starts at $49.99 on a one-time purchase (for Windows and Mac users only)
  • Monthly Plans start at $0.99 for all devices

Clip Studio Paint Pro version opens a wide of options to draw shapes and sizes, and various 3D models, in professional style, and specialized in making character and concept art.

Clip Studio Paint Ex:

It is best For Animation, Comics, And Manga Art.


  • Free Trial Available
  • Starts at $219 on a one-time purchase ( for both windows and mac users)
  • Monthly Plans start at $2.49 for all supporting devices.

The Clip Studio Paint Ex version can make users manage multiple comic pages and other 3D elements by converting them to different lines and formats. This version is specialized in making manga and comic art.

On this clip studio paint sale, you can get these versions of software with huge discounts and offers. All you need to do just to check the available Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code and redeem it to apply.

How Much Can I Save With Clip Studio Paint Discount 2023?

You can save 50% by using the Clip Studio Paint discount code 2023. You can grab this CSP discount on both the pro & ex version to save money.

Clip Studio Paint EX & Pro are the two different versions. The prices of both products are mentioned above. But the benefit of using this software is you can save a maximum of bucks on its purchases by using the Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code.

If you wonder to buy the EX version then apply the Clip Studio Paint EX Coupon Code and save a maximum of up to 30% on this.


Or the buyer of the Pro version use the Clip Studio Paint Pro Discount Code & save up to 40% on one-time purchases.

Advantages Of Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint provides great benefits to an upcoming new artist in the field of digital art and painting. Because of its amazing features, many professionals have also opted for this software to edit their artwork.

Clip Studio Paint Advantages:

  • One of the best drawings available in the digital art software industry.
  • Free to create a variety of art including concept art, character art, comic, or manga art with a professional touch.
  • The CSP software also supports files from Adobe Photoshop.
  • Can reduce your production time with an advanced tool kit and help you to create more efficient artwork.

Is Clip Studio Paint Student Discount Active or Not?

Yes, Clip Studio Paint offers a student discount for student benefits. By using the Student Discount of Clip Studio Paint users can save on it.

Does Clip Studio Paint Provide Military Discount?

Yes, Clip Studio Paint Military Discount is active for the users. All soldiers, ex-soldiers, and military officers can apply this discount code. You are not allowed to combine this military CSP discount with any other software.

Steps To Apply Military Discount Clip Studio Paint

To apply for the Military Clip Studio Paint discount you need to follow a few steps.

  • Click on the above-mentioned Military CSP coupon code.
  • You will redirect to the official website where you need to submit your ID to activate the deal.
  • Pay for it and download it via the mail you receive.

Uses Of Clip Studio Paint Activation Code

To apply the activation code you must have to log in to Clip Studio Paint. The company provides two types of licenses – Activation code & Serial Number. 12-character activation code Clip Studio Paint can be applied to use the services of Clip Studio Paint.

Grab Offers On Clip Studio Paint Sale 2023

Clip studio paint sale

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The company offers its latest and updated Clip Studio Paint discount code on both Pro and Ex versions to its customers.