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What type of Health care products you can shop from Care Touch?

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  • Diabetes
  • Control Solution
  • Glucose
  • Lancets and Lancing Devices
  • Safety
  • Twist
  • Pen Needles
  • Prep Pads
  • Test Strips
  • Covid9
  • Home Care
  • Lens Wipes
  • Stainless Steel Wipes
  • CPAP Brushes, Filters, Hoses, Wipes
  • Home Medical
  • Thermometers
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Oximeters
  • Optical

Most searches product of Care Touch by customers

  1. Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit + Blood Glucose Test (Hundred) Strips

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  • One Care Touch Blood Glucose Monitor
  • (100) Care Touch Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • One Lancing Device
  • (100) 30 Gauge Twist Lancets
  • One 3 Volt Lithium Battery
  • One Carrying Case
  • 100 Care Touch Blood Glucose Test Strips

Features of the product

  • Get results in just 5 seconds with only a 0.5µL blood sample. There is no programming needed since our meter automatically approves batch codes encrypted on each Care Touch Glucose Test Strip. Our state-of-the-art monitoring system covers single-touch strip ejection, so you can hygienically separate used strips.
  • This bundle’s combined value of 100 blood glucose test strips means you won’t need to trouble about exhausting your stocks. The internal memory storage is able of saving up to 300 readings. The meter also presents a continuous 14-day average of your readings so you and your healthcare provider can monitor your health in a variety of forms.
  • The small size and included carrying bag means you can check your blood glucose levels everywhere and at any time while staying prepared. The 10-depth lancing device and lancets will help make blood samples almost painless and trouble-free.
  1. Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

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  • These wipes have a high-tech method to clean effectively and dry immediately without leaving behind streaks or trash. It removes dust and germs easily from your phone, glasses, screens, or other objects.
  • Wipes are fit for all glass surfaces and reliable for coated lenses, making them ideal for most purposes. The wipes are big enough for large screens and made of soft, lightweight cotton that’s gentle but effective at catching dirt.
  • These wipes are small and separately wrapped making it easy to carry several in your bag so you can quickly clean dirt, smudges, and trash off your lenses or devices on-the-go. This makes them excellent cleaning wipes for glasses and smartphone screens. The larger wipes are also offered to clean larger screens and covers.
  • Package Contents: 400 Personally Wrapped Cleansing Wipes

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Why Care Touch Health Care Brand is best for you?

At Care Touch, the company aims to provide quality products to their customers that they can fully stand behind. Care Touch care doesn’t end when your commodity gets to the door, and they are fully dedicated to your well-being. If you are in any way unsatisfied with a product you order, or just have a question or concern about to can contact to Care Touch Support Team.


  • How makes Care Touch?

CareTouch diabetic supplies are manufactured by Future Diagnostics, a global medical supply company fulfilling the medical, pharmaceutical, and retail needs of patients dealing with diabetes.

  • Where you can buy Care Touch Test Strips?

You can make a search on for Care Touch Test Strips using Care Touch promotion vouchers available on promoocodes.

  • How do you use Blood Glucose Meter?
  • After cleaning your hands, insert a test strip into your meter.
  • Use your lancing symbol on the side of your fingertip to get a drop of blood.
  • Touch and hold the tip of the test strip to the drop of blood and wait for the result.
  • Your blood glucose level will arrive on the meter’s display.
  • Are Care Touch Sanitizing Wipes are good?

Care Touch designed sanitizing wipes with sensitive skin keeping in mind. From newborn and infant care to daily hygiene, they want to make it easy to cleanse without the harshness and abrasiveness of chemicals. Not only do the wipes sanitize, but they add moisture to dry or damaged skin.

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